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Electronicsforce established in 2009 we been over a decade in the wireless industry

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About Us

  1. Electronicsforce is one of the nation’s larger cell phone retailers, offering great deals on contract-free cellular phones.
  2. we carry thousands of brand-new and Refurbished unlocked cell phones and accessories across more than two dozen different categories.
  3. Our inventory is dynamic and constantly growing, ensuring access to the latest models on the market.
  4. Choosing the Right Device:

    • Electronicsforce sells phones without any contracts. When you buy from them, you own the phone.
    • Consider the following steps when choosing a cell phone:
      • Selecting a Plan: Understand the coverage and features of different plans. Ask friends and family for recommendations.
      • Choosing a Compatible Device: Ensure the phone works with your carrier. Cell2Get offers both locked and unlocked phones for CDMA and GSM networks.
      • Selecting Features: Make a list of desired features (e.g., cameras, PDA functions) to find the best package for your needs.
  5. Contact Information:

    • Address: 1316 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY, 11230.
    • Phone Number: 1-305-600-3367
  6. Establishment Date: Electronicsforce Established in 2009 we been in the wireless industry for over a decade

Remember, with Electronicsforce, it’s not just about how much you pay; it’s about how much you get!